Are you providing any in person psychotherapy or coaching?

No, I am currently tele-health only.

Is therapy right for me or should I choose your coaching services?

If you are experiencing impairment in your daily life, relationships, work, therapy may ne a good fit for you. Here we work on symptom reduction.

If you feel you are able to manage your life okay, but are looking for more growth or to achieve a specific goal, coaching may be a good fit for you. Here we identify and remove barriers to achieving your goals.

We will choose the best option for you during our first session of collecting your background information.

What kind of therapy do you use?

I primarily use cognitive-behavioral interventions, but I also pull from existential, psychodynamic, and interpersonal therapy interventions.

How long will therapy take?

This depends on the person and problems being treated. Short-term therapy to address a specific problem can occur in 12-16 weeks. Long-term therapy is approximately 1-2 years with a few maintenance session per year following treatment.

How often will sessions be?

Weekly sessions are recommended, but everyone’s needs are different. I can accommodate twice a week session for the first month and can also see a client as infrequent as once per month.

What states and territories do you serve?

I can see you as a therapy client if you reside in any of the states and territories listed: Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. Pennsylvania, Virginia, US Virgin Islands.

I can see you as a coaching client wherever you reside in the world.